Sales Funnel Design and Implementation

Provide your sales department with a lead management tool so you can begin to monitor customers’ path to purchase.

Benhauer specialists will design a sales funnel tailored to the sales processes conducted in your company, which will carry a lead through the first steps of the process, resulting in the sales department working with the clients that are prepared to buy a product or service.

Implementation of the sales funnel allows you to:

  • illustrate the sales process of gaining, nurturing and converting a lead into customer
  • determine automatic rules that move leads to the next stages of the funnel
  • determine at what stages of the sales process lead leakage can occur
  • categorize clients and determine the behaviors typical for the different stages of the funnel
  • selection and transfer ready-to-buy leads to sales

Implementation of the sales funnel gives you better control over leads and allows you to analyze the effectiveness of actions at each stage of the funnel.

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