Lead Routing and Funnel Analytics

Check the delivery of the sales process and identify areas where you lose leads.

Our team analyzes the sales funnel and checks the quality of customers passing through its next stages in order to identify areas in which lead leakage can occur. The analysis allows the identification of weaknesses in the sales process and provides knowledge about the problems leads may encounter on the path to purchase.

Lead Routing and Funnel Analytics includes:

  • quality of conditions for classification of a lead to the next stages of the sales process
  • analysis of lead behavior at various stages of the funnel
  • identyfication of stages where leads leak from the funnel
  • the effectiveness of sales associates working with the leads

The result of the analysis is a report presenting data about the behavior of leads at various stages of the funnel, a summary of the effectiveness of each of the sales associates and recommendations for adjustments in order to increase the fluency of movement through the sales process.

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