Design and implementation of multichannel automation processes

Reach your customers where they really can see and learn more about your offer.

Our team will build and implement automated communication program comprising a customer communication channels like email, website, SMS, mobile, advertising networks, social media. Appropriate adjustment of those channels in the customer profile and its stage in the sales process provides an increase in the effectiveness of on-going campaigns.

Design and implementation of multi-channel automation processes include:

  • identifying best media needed to achieve the objectives of marketing and sales
  • the integration of the tools used for communication and data collection
  • fitting the channel selection of the messages to the customer profile
  • the implementation of automated communication process which includes all channels throughout the lifecycle of a lead

The use of automatic multichannel communication results in an increase of customer engagement in campaigns addressed to them and in providing them with the desired content in the most convenient way and at the right time.

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